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Sugar, Oh Sugar

2022-08-08T14:57:36-04:00April 1, 2022|Dietary Lifestyle|

Did you know that Americans are consuming 52 teaspoons of sugar per day per person!

Did you know that the primary food source for cancer cells is sugar?  Yes, cancer cells uptake sugar 10 times more than normal cells in the body.

Suicide by Sugar is the latest book by Nancy […]

Still Having Thyroid Symptoms?

2022-08-08T14:58:20-04:00March 1, 2022|Thyroid Symptoms|

Datis Kharrazian, DHSc, DC, MS, MNeuroSci, FAACP, DACBN, DIBAK, CNS is considered one of the leading experts in non-pharmaceutical applications to chronic illnesses, autoimmune disorders and complex neurological disorders. His first book Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms? When […]

Brain work out anyone!

2022-08-08T13:54:00-04:00March 1, 2022|General|

Brain fog, difficulty recalling words, can’t remember where you parked your car or what you wanted out of the refrigerator by the time you got there? If any of these sound familiar to you, you may want to consider a program that will give your brain a work out.

Achieving Health in Balance

2022-08-08T14:59:05-04:00February 1, 2022|Healthy Balance|

Everywhere you go conversations are dominated by health concerns, however, having good health is a process most of us either don’t think about or fully understand. First let’s define what health is: health is vigor and vitality, the absence of disease and […]

Impeccable Dental Health

2022-08-08T14:59:39-04:00February 1, 2022|Dental Health|

Incorporating dental health into your whole body health is an essential part of obtaining optimal health.

Our oral health is an interesting subject because it can either be a contributing factor in some diseases or it can be influenced by other health conditions within our body. A thorough exam by both […]

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