Women at any age can begin utilizing thermography as a safe means of screening for breast disease. Thermography is not dependent on the density of a women’s breast nor do implants or surgical procedures effect the process of detecting your thermal pattern. Thermography is especially appropriate for younger women between 30 & 50 whose denser breast tissue makes it more difficult for mammography to pick up suspicious lesions. This test can provide a ‘clinical marker’ to the doctor or mammographer that a specific area of the breast needs particular close examination.

Breast cancers tend to grow significantly faster in younger women under 50.

Under 50 80 days
Age 50 – 70 157 days
Over age 70 188 days

Source: Cancer 71:3547-3551,1993

Various Views Taken to Compare Thermal Symmetry

The faster a malignant tumor grows, the more Infrared radiation it generates. For younger women in particular, results from DITI screening can lead to earlier detection and, ultimately, longer life.

Doctors do not yet know how to prevent breast cancer. However you can increase your chances of detecting breast cancer in its earliest stages by understanding the need for, and participating in an early detection program.

Only about 20 percent of biopsied breast lumps are cancerous. And, if cancer is found early, there are choices for treatment. With prompt treatment, the outlook is good. In fact, most women treated for early breast cancer will be free from breast cancer for the rest of their lives.