Brain fog, difficulty recalling words, can’t remember where you parked your car or what you wanted out of the refrigerator by the time you got there? If any of these sound familiar to you, you may want to consider a program that will give your brain a work out.

Posit Science has been researching the brains plasticity and has come up with a series of computerized programs that are designed to:

  1. Speed up and sharpen the hearing portion of your brain for faster thinking, stronger focus and better memory.
  2. Improve how your brain takes in, reacts to and remembers visual information
  3. Strengthen cognitive skills essential for driving

These programs are great for anyone who wants to improve their brain function and have proven particularly beneficial to those with a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). In fact, Posit Science has been working closely with the US Department of Defense and offers their programs at various military and veterans hospitals.

The IMPACT study with 524 participants led by scientists from the Mayo Clinic & University of Southern California noted that participants who used the Brain Fitness Program increased their auditory processing speed by 131%, on average improved in memory equivalent to approximately 10 years and three out of four participants self-reported positive changes in everyday life. Wow, brain games anyone! You can read the whole study on the Posit Science web site.

Some of the benefits to exercising your brain include:

  1. Awakens curiosity & motivation
  2. Greater ability to get things done faster and more efficiently
  3. Increases reaction time thus Safer driving skills
  4. Better listening skills
  5. Improved memory
  6. Faster recall of words leads to feeling sharper and more confidence in conversations
  7. Sharper vision skills as you improve brain processing time
  8. Improve mood – less frustration with clearer thinking

Posit Science offers a variety of games at no charge from their web site or if you really get serious about it, you can purchase some of their more extensive programs. What better way to wake up your brain and get it going!

Of course good nutrition/diet and a healthy active & social lifestyle are all part of good brain health as well. Fish, blueberries, spinach & garlic are all “foods for greater thought”!