See what others are saying about their results from Digital
Infrared Thermal Imaging.

“I am impressed with the professionalism of the report; feeling that it and the technology represented are above reproach.”

Nicholas T. Naturopth, Lehigh Valley, PA

“I’m very excited to have people learn about this technology. By chance, a thyroid abnormality showed up on my scan; I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise! As a follow up my doctor ordered an ultrasound and found 3 tiny nodles that we are now monitoring. Dr. Howard is a Godsend!”

Carol C., Holistic Mom’s Network, Victor, NY

“My thermogram was a wealth of information of what was happening inside my body.”

Cynthia S., Grantsville, PA

“My Doctor was able to use the results to make recommendations for me.”

Marilyn F., Ava, PA

“Was highly impressed with the thermal imaging and also was happy with the fact that this is such a safe alternative to the mammograms, since no radiation is emitted.”

Mary S., Mt Joy, PA

“When I heard about thermography, I was elated to learn that this technology could be used to detect abnormalities years before a mammogram could. Advanced Thermal Imaging does a wonderful job of educating . . . Thank you Advanced Thermal Imaging!”

Judith T., Pittsford, NY

“You were wonderful, Dr. Howard, answering all my questions, and letting me know that there were steps I could take in the area of preventative care for my breasts and total body health.”

Micki F. Syracuse, NY

“I had a full body thermography which is excellent in helping to guide the direction of my health care. The information package you provided is fabulous!”

Carol C., Allentown, PA

“I was very pleased and impressed with the entire process offered by Advanced Thermal Imaging. I was able to easily schedule an appointment with minimal wait time. An excellent and extensive packet of resource materials was sent to me. The delivery of the scan was a thoroughly pleasant experience. Dr. Howard is extremely congenial and highly competent. Her in-dept explanations and answers to my questions were much appreciated. I was surprised when she called me 48 hours later to report good results, thereby dispelling any anxiety I might be experiencing while waiting for the written report, which also arrived in a timely fashion. This last kindness was unanticipated and deeply appreciated. I highly recommend this protocol to anyone who wishes to take a proactive approach to insuring good health and well being.”

Sharon M., Utica, NY

“The greatest benefit I receive from Thermal Imaging is relief from fear, knowing that the earliest indication of an abnormality is being watched for, and detected.”

Judith G., Roaring Branch, PA.

“I had a very pleasant experience. From scheduling the appointment to the thermogram and prompt results, everything was done to make me comfortable. Every woman should avail herself of this cutting edge technology!”

Marlene F., Woodbridge, VA.

“Thermal Imaging gave me a complete picture of the state of my health. It provided me with valuable information that I can share with my doctor. I was very pleased with the whole procedure especially since this testing is non-invasive and requires no radiation. I will definitely continue to have Thermal Imaging on a yearly basis.”

Charlotte L., N. Syracise, NY

“This helps me to gain knowledge and experience for the field of natural health. My participation helps me to confidently recommend this procedure to others.”

Alexandra D., CNHP, Penfield, NY

“Thermography has shown me in what areas my health needs attention; pre-serious solutions for worse symptoms. This is an ideal preventive maitenance tool as well as an excellent gauge of progress as new diet and other routines are applied to my daily life. I am a believer in thermography!”

Brenda M., Jersey Shore, PA.

“Thank you so much for all the extra information sent with my breast thermography report.  I am doing the breast massage suggestions with the essential oils and my breast tenderness has disappeared!  I am happy to recommend your service to my clients.”

Jane W., Milheim, PA